Sanitation system for Air ducts

KLIN-AIR is the only sanitized way of the ducts which permits to reduce the microbe charge in the air using the controlled tested technology of Bioxygen ®
The technology of Bioxigen® used in KLIN-AIR by KLIMAGIEL reduce dramatically the microbes charge and reduces the thin ducts and maintain the correct ionic balance thanks to the special quartz condenser.
The KLIN-AIR products are applied either by new or existing projects according to the air volume of the ducts and to the purpose of the realisation.
KLIN-AIR product is available for all the air volume range from 200 cbm to 20.000 cbm and more for the circular KLIMAGIEL ducts.
The Bioxigen® technology used by KLIN-AIR is composed of a glass cylinder with some mesh which are electrically powered. This allows an alternating electric field to be generated outside the cylinder whose lines of force change in intensity and direction continuously over time by increasing the vibration of the air molecules.
Klin air - Klimagiel

Main values of KLIN-AIR by Klimagiel

The installation of KLIN-AIR permits to maintain sanitized the air distribution thanks to the actions of oxidizing ions generated by the quartz condenser which destroy the polluted agents such as bacteria, virus and allergens.

Being an active system it has a sanitized effect not only on the spot where the module has been installed but in the whole aeraulic circuit and consequently in the whole treated environment.

The presence of the KLIN-AIR modules permit to reduce the periodic intervention for the cleaning and sanitation of the aeraulic ducts. The periodic change of the lamps guarantee better results of sanitation of the ducts.

Klin air - Klimagiel




Ozone is known for its bactericidal, fungicide and virucides but it’s not possible to use it when people are in the environment.
Significant restrictions: Ozone is a poisoned gas for the human being and the environment and for this reason the treatment must be done by highly specialized staff and repeated from time to time



KLIN-AIR has a bipolar ionization process which thanks to the activation of the oxygen molecules produces a sanitized action reducing dramatically the presence in the air of virus and bacteria (COVID 19 included).
Advantages: Air which blows into the condenser and spreads through all the environment touching spots not manually reachable. We suggest to use 24 hours per day for the air sanitation.


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