Sanitation system for Air ducts

KLIN-AIR is the only sanitized way of the ducts which permits to reduce the microbe charge in the air using the controlled tested technology of Bioxygen ®
The technology of Bioxigen® used in KLIN-AIR by KLIMAGIEL reduce dramatically the microbes charge and reduces the thin ducts and maintain the correct ionic balance thanks to the special quartz condenser.
The KLIN-AIR products are applied either by new or existing projects according to the air volume of the ducts and to the purpose of the realisation.
KLIN-AIR product is available for all the air volume range from 200 cbm to 20.000 cbm and more for the circular KLIMAGIEL ducts.
The Bioxigen® technology used by KLIN-AIR is composed of a glass cylinder with some mesh which are electrically powered. This allows an alternating electric field to be generated outside the cylinder whose lines of force change in intensity and direction continuously over time by increasing the vibration of the air molecules.
Klin air - Klimagiel

Main values of KLIN-AIR by Klimagiel

The installation of KLIN-AIR permits to maintain sanitized the air distribution thanks to the actions of oxidizing ions generated by the quartz condenser which destroy the polluted agents such as bacteria, virus and allergens.

Being an active system it has a sanitized effect not only on the spot where the module has been installed but in the whole aeraulic circuit and consequently in the whole treated environment.

The presence of the KLIN-AIR modules permit to reduce the periodic intervention for the cleaning and sanitation of the aeraulic ducts. The periodic change of the lamps guarantee better results of sanitation of the ducts.

The advantages of KLIN-AIR at a glance

KLIMAGIEL - Simbolo batteri

Microbial abatement

KLIMAGIEL - Qualità indoor

Improvement of INDOOR air quality

KLIMAGIEL - Riduzione pulizia

Reduction of periodic interventions for cleaning the aeraulic channels

KLIMAGIEL - Facilità d'installazione

Easy installation in new or existing air ducts

KLIMAGIEL - RIdotti consumi elettrici

Reduced electricity consumption

KLIMAGIEL - Riduzione pulizia

Reduction of periodic interventions for cleaning channels

KLIMAGIEL - Malfunzionamento avviso

Equipped with an electronic system that alerts the user in the event of malfunctions or reductions in the effectiveness of the product

KLIMAGIEL - Utilizzo in presenza di persone

Allowed for use in the presence of people, thanks to the principle of bipolar ionization

KLIMAGIEL - Certificazione universitaria

University research and certifications confirming effectiveness
and efficiency of KLIN-AIR




Ozone is known for its bactericidal, fungicide and virucides but it’s not possible to use it when people are in the environment.
Significant restrictions: Ozone is a poisoned gas for the human being and the environment and for this reason the treatment must be done by highly specialized staff and repeated from time to time



KLIN-AIR has a bipolar ionization process which thanks to the activation of the oxygen molecules produces a sanitized action reducing dramatically the presence in the air of virus and bacteria (COVID 19 included).
Advantages: Air which blows into the condenser and spreads through all the environment touching spots not manually reachable. We suggest to use 24 hours per day for the air sanitation.




K-emotion is a perfume diffuser with Venturi system designed to ensure perfect distribution in medium and large environments. With a compact and linear shape, it represents an excellent fragrance solution for rooms with KLIMAGIEL aeraulic ducts.
Klimagiel - K-emotions
Klimagiel - logo K-emotions

  K-emotion K-emotion Pro
Covering area 800-1200 m3 2500-4000 m3
Voltage 12 V 12 V
Power 7,5 W 16 W
Silence < 40 dB < 45 dB
Weight 3,0 Kg 4,2 Kg
Size 230x110xH260 mm 280x120xH279,5 mm
Perfume amount 500 ml 800 ml
Colour Bianco Bianco





Remote control

You can programme K-emotion from the devices display or control it via app using Wi-fi or Bluetooth, to garantee a constant and efficient fragrance diffusion, also in large environments.

Klimagiel - K-emotions
Klimagiel - K-emotions

Where could be used

K-emotion is designed for large and ducted environments, vast public areas, hotel halls, commune areas of the office, or welcoming structures, spa, fitness centres, bars and shops.

K-emotion is recommended for every aeraulic system:

Meeting rooms

Shopping centres, supermarkets

Welness and spa – Fitness center


Hotels and restaurants

Cinema and free time places

Connection Kit

K-emotion is connected to the ventilation system using a kit of:

  • single tube ø 8mm if we have a single aeraulic duct;

  • 4 tubes ø 4mm if we have multiple aeraulic ducts.

Klimagiel - k-emotion istruzioni
Klimagiel - k-emotion istruzioni

Why we chose to do it

The olfactory process is influenced by emotional factors. The smells have an important
warning function between the individuals and the durable memory, and they allow a person to remember them also after many years.


Thanks to university studies carried out by Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Functional Topography of the Brain di Vienna, it has been proved that thanks to specific perfumes the sales increase in shops, part of the scientific research, was 60% higher compared to the ones that don’t use perfumes. Moreover, the staff productivity was 25% higher in comparison with the periods in which they didn’t use perfumes.


A relevant study showed that customers were 84% more likely to buy products in a perfumed shop. they were also willing to pay 10% to 20% more in perfumed environments for the products they wanted.


People are 100 times more likely to remember a smell than something they hear, see or touch.

KLIMAGIEL - K emotion - fragranze


ABS – System accessories


High induction destratification fan


Forced air heating systems for large, high rooms present the need to reduce the thermal gradient between the occupied zone and the highest area close to the ceiling.
In cases where the system is designed for both winter and summer the air flow ensures that the differnce between teh delivery temperature and teh environment is reduced sufficiently.
When the system is instead for heating with direct with direct exchange hot air generators or aerothermal heat pumps, the ΔT’s as designed lead to stratification.
This is typically true of industrial warehouses, exbibition displays, sports centres, and anywhere forced air heating is deemed to be the most effective.


The solution is to install one or more system consisting of one axial fan that inputs an amount of air into a microperforated duct, which manages teh velocity and orientation to achieve high induction of the air in the room, yielding uniform temperatures.
Depending on the characteristics of the environment and desired use, the installation can be equipped with a multi step speed regulator, inverter or appropriately sized silencers.


Advantages of the system at a glance

KLIMAGIEL - Elevato Comfort

Increased comfort due to the uniform temperature throughout the environment

KLIMAGIEL - Icona Risparmio Energetico

Energys savings due to the elimination of stratification.

KLIMAGIEL - Velocità

Quick, inexpensive solution without modifyng existing systems.


KLIMAGIEL - Estetica

Perfect integration of the appearance


I-STOP – to reduce defrost times



In food cold stores, the defrost time is a key element that affects teh increase in temperature, and therefore energy consumption, in the standby phase.


KlLIMAGIEL’s I-STOP system is composed of sleeve made of waterproof fabric especially designed to be installed on the evaporator openings to accelerate the defrosting process.
The fabric part of I-STOP is made of 100% high-tenacity polyester with a special hygroscopic treatment
Available in different colours and easy to wash and sanitize, it is the ideal low-cost solution.


Advantages at a glance

KLIMAGIEL - Icona Risparmio Energetico

Energy savings due to the reduction of defrost times.

KLIMAGIEL - Icona ghiaccio

Prevents the formation of ice on surfaces in the store.

KLIMAGIEL - Icona ghiaccio

Can be easily washed and sanitized.


Download the instructions for use

Using this section you can download the material needed to consult the guides and everything necessary for the proper use of our products.