Operating Principles

The specific Induction TEX JET diffusion system exploit the possibility to distribute the treated air, succeeding to guarantee an high exchange and mixing surface with the room-air, which is livened up by friction and by consequence of depressions and whirls that are put in motion by air mixing itself. This phenomenon is due to the preservation of motion quantity principle: Qin x ρ x Vin= COST = K.

Thanks to a specific initial impulse, this inductive effect allows to liven up an air amount greater than the one put into the room, reaching values even 50 times the primary air flow-rate put into the room, according to the diameter and the geometry of the holes and to the static pressure.

Advantages compared with the traditional air distribution systems:

  1. Homogeneity in fluid- and thermodynamics characteristic  of room-air distribution.
  2. High air mixing degree, which allows to eliminate the hot air stratification phenomenon (coloured in red in the picture).
  3. Optimal hole measuring calculation by means of a calculation software developed and tuned by KLIMAGIEL.
  4. Maximum efficiency guaranteed respecting specific needs of every single Customer.
  5. Respect of air speed in according to the laws (UNI 10339 - EN 13182), both in summer and in winter.
  6. Analysis of thermal load declines of the air in the duct.
  7. Induction TEX JET system exploits moreover inductive phenomena, which arise all around the duct, in order to limit greatly condensation phenomenon on the external surface.

KLIMAGIEL has implemented a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) program, which allows to simulate precisely the air flow through the processing of the ther- modynamic and geometrical parameters of the system given by the Customer. In this way it is possible to evaluate realistically the temperatures and air velo- cities in every point of the room even on the planning stage.
The picture shows as the entire air mass present in the room is livened up with
a speed lower than 0,15 m/sec at 1,5 m from the floor.

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